Wednesday, April 7, 2010


it's weird that i write my new post. haha. today i did a wrong things, said a wrong words, and i dunno how to solve it now. i really no idea at all to make it right. i think after today i will know the power of rumours. i hate rumours. this is the 1st time i feel the power. i dunno wat should i do. i cant happy at all till this moment since the thing had happened on me. i speechless bout that... somemore i dunno wat should i do to make myself happy. this is the 1st time i feel so helpless and upset. i've been thinking to hide myself from the "city life" at all the time. i wish i can go other place to get a new life, new frens, new happiness. haha. maybe i not enough matured yet. i wish i can be my second sister, tough, strong, and face the problem. maybe i still need some time to be her. i admit that she is my role model that i hope to be. she never care about other ppl how to comment her.... she never and wouldnt bother all the rumours that about her. she jz will enjoy her life.... she will make her life full of happiness. maybe 1 day, u all will cant find me. maybe. i wish the day will come. i wish....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today quite busy....and stupid. this morning i went out v my bro's gf. we went to kl area. we took a lot of photo around there. we spend almost 2 hours to took all the photo. haha. haha.
Around 5 pm, i went out again. hehe. i went out v my sis bcoz she gonna buy we went to jusco (nearest "shopping centre"). my sis bought christmas card...and then she jz wrote her wishes to her frens at food court....cause she jz like to send it out the card today.
At that time i was nothing to do. i jz hanging around. At 1st i saw hui theng and her bf...we jz have a short talk. cause i dun hope i was a spotlight. haha. haha. then i jz went to outside and have a seat. haha. i sat nearby starbucks. i jz like starring on something...but actually i oso wat i looking at. then suddenly got 1 gang of ppl pass by in front of me and ask me is it fine and my mind...jz such a stupid things. i jz leave there cause i dun like....then i went to popular....bcoz of i really nth to i jz read comic at there...."doraemon"...haha. already long time didnt read it. suddenly got 1 ppl and said u like to read comic ya? wah...y today like many weird ppl at jusco....haiz. then i jz leave there....went to cinema....but i didnt stay at there for a while...cause i saw my old fren...but i jz dun like to talk at that time so i jz leave... hope he didnt see me. haha. i have no place to go....then i jz decide i go car park "lepak". haha. such a weird idea....haha. at that time i met hui theng again...she gave me movie ticket... "the princess and the frog"...bcoz she was jz gave me and watch...hehe. sis and i jz went to watch movie. haha. the movie ok...u can go and watch...hehe.

good luck everyone...
p/s:photo will upload soon...^^

Friday, December 4, 2009


christmas are the beginning, my sis and i are planning go to singapore to "celebrate" christmas day... but now... i think we wont go there for the big day already. bcoz of some problems.... actually i'm the only one that got problem. haha. i'm the problem maker... dun blame me pls. hehe. and...1 more news... if i not mistaken, pavilion have some celebration for christmas. hehe. everyday 8pm, pavilion will put the snow at the entrance... i hope i'll be there soon. hope to see u all at there. hehe.
merry christmas......haha.


these few days i keep cannot sleep...that make me almost crazy.... i wan to sleep but my mind keep think something stupid....make me cannot sleep... everyday 1 am jz sleep....5 am wake up.... 7 am sleep back...11 something jz wake up. haha. i know the time i finally wake up is late... but when awake and cant sleep back at that time, it so suffer.... i hope tonight i can sleep tight...haha. and with a sweet dream are better. haha. bcoz tomorow i have tuition at 8.30am til 3pm pity am i.... my dearest fren, connie birthday are coming...hmmm...dunno wan how to celebrate her birthday... aiyo...headache oh to think about tat....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


holiday is coming soon....but not feel happy....i have no idea....y i din feel happy....all the things i got is sad....there is something happen on me...that i really dun like it to happened on me... it make me feel sad....something you have any ideas to make me feel better? my exam is over...and i gonna start to find a job and work...i wan find a job so that i can earn a lot of money....actually i hope my time are full...i hope i busy at all the time....hope... i dun wish tat i got time to more....


Friday, October 16, 2009


lont time didn't post. actually i got a lot want to post. just i lazy and busy...
today...i felt sad....moody... i also dunno wat happened. jz like so sad....this morning, when i wake up, there are fully with sadness. so moody...
CRY from Rihanna:
This time was different
Felt like, I was just a victim
And it cut me like a knife
When you walked out of my life
Now i'm, in this condition
And i've, got all the symptoms
Of a girl with a broken heart
But no matter what you'll never see me cry
dunno wat was rihanna feel when chris brown beat...sad? hurt? dunno wat was her feel...
this song not really can explain how i feel now. just like this. and show to u all. i try to make myself happy.'s quite hard. hope i jz never wake up... i have no idea wat should i do now... sleep? do revision? or jz dreaming...?? i like to watch movie that funny hard...i jz hope i can happy. yea...i know i can. cause time still pass even i feel sad...
love u all...

Saturday, September 26, 2009


21 of September 2009,
today i went my malay classmate's house with my friends because of Hari Raya. hehe. My malay classmate name Rizuan. that wat his grandmother cook for us. haha. nice and delicious. i like it. haha. i was shocked that his grandmother is a chinese. haha.we speak cantonese and mandarin with his grandmother. His grandmother was so nice and funny...haha. Anyway, thanks for the meal. It's nice. hehe

22 of September 2009,
I went genting with my friends. We're supposed to overnight at there, but...all the rooms were fully booking. So we went 1 day trip. That's nice oso. haha. Around 11.30, we reach genting. there so cold. happy. The 1st thing we do were buy the outdoor ticket. There were so many ppl queue up at the 1st world there. We bought ticket at the counter tat beside the entrance of outdoor (downstairs of 1st world...dunno how to show it clearly) there were no ppl queue up at all. HAHA. all the ppl bought at upstairs...hahaha. Then we jz play the cockscrew really....pening after that....haha. and more....i think we're played all the things that we should play. haha. here some photo tat i captured when queue-ing...haha

"memorable ticket". haha
this was hui theng and me....
captured in the "train". haha
nice....but pening. haha.
captured when queue-ing....

this.....i will never try to put me up there.....haha.